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Frequently Asked Questions - Sell Your Strips - Diabeticsaid
Diabetic Aid Strips and Insulin Supplies nationwide. If you sell insulin supplies, we pay the highest prices, are well reviewed and take customer service seriously.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out the status of my package or check?

Please call (303-515-0005) us, or email at and we will give you an update on your order ASAP.

Do you accept opened boxes if the supplies are still intact.

For the safety of our clients we do not accept opened or otherwise tempered boxes or medical supplies.

What if I have a product that is not on your price list?

Please call or email us first. We may be able to buy your diabetic supplies. Since we are paying to ship the mail kit, then ship the product back, we will not ship the product back.

I have extra diabetic testing supplies, is it legal to sell them to DiabeticsAid?

Yes! Any over-the-counter medical supply is absolutely legal for you to sell to a third party like DiabeticsAid.

My supplies are damaged. Will DiabeticsAid buy them?

No. We do not buy boxes that have been damaged or otherwise compromised to ensure the safety of our clients

Who pays for the shipping?

We will pay for shipping! Select the products you want to sell and we will send you a prepaid shipping box and label. Just drop your boxes in the box and send it back.

Should I remove pharmacy labels?

No, please leave this to us. We remove all pharmacy labels using a specialized method to avoid damage. You may mark over your personal information with a soft black magic marker if you’d like, but please do not remove the label yourself.