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Terms and conditions - Sell Your Strips - Diabeticsaid
Diabetic Aid Strips and Insulin Supplies nationwide. If you sell insulin supplies, we pay the highest prices, are well reviewed and take customer service seriously.
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Terms and conditions

Please read this agreement before you sell test strips. This agreement will help you understand your rights and responsibilities as our client.

  • I am an individual 18 years of age or older.
  • I understand that the diabetic supplies I am selling to Diabetics Aid are lawfully mine to sell.
  • My diabetic test strips or other diabetic supplies sol to Diabetics Aid are in boxes and the boxes are sealed.
  • Diabetics Aid will only buy diabetic supplies that are in their original box are not expired and will not expire for the period of time I received a quote for during my communication with Company name.
  • Diabetics Aid will not pay for boxes that are expired, unsealed or damaged upon receipt of delivery. We will dispose of them. The term “damage” extends to any box that is crushed, bent, torn, stained or otherwise soiled.
  • Diabetics Aid does not buy International diabetic supplies, we only buy test strips with NDC codes.
  • Diabetics Aid will honor the quote provided to you if upon receipt of your product, the information you provided matches the product you received a quote for. We reserve the right to adjust the price paid if there is a difference in the description you provided and what we received. We do not return boxes, so please ensure that your quote accurately reflects the test strips or other products you send.
  • Diabetics Aid its affiliates, and any partners, including but not limited to diabeticsaid.com, shall not be liable for any damages, whether indirect, consequential, special or punitive, incidental or exemplary, foreseeable or unforeseeable, arising out of this Agreement.

Important Instructions:

  1. Please inspect the items you are sending. First, please ensure that your products are factory sealed and not expired. If there are any stickers or labels on your products please leave them on.
  2. In order to avoid damaging the items you are selling please place them in the prepaid box you’ve received and use newspaper, tissue paper or other soft materials to protect the interior of the products you are selling so the contents don’t get damaged in shipping.
  3. Take your package to your local USPS post office or have your mail carrier pick it up.
  4. Receive your payment after inspection of the items you are selling within one or two business days after receipt!


Mint – No damage at all “Store shelf quality”

Dinged – Small dents, nail head sized tears,, small creases, boxes with clear tape attached/labels attached

Damaged- Tears, stains (water, food,etc ), tiny tears on multiple sides (No tears/damage to the date)